Cleaning services

Provision of cleaning service for washrooms, classrooms, lecture theatres, offices, laboratories and common areas.

Pest control services

Pest control service is provided by Housekeeping colleagues and/or contractors. Preventive and ad hoc pest control works will be carried out depending on the actual situation of environment and upon request of users who have special needs.

Tea services

Tea services are provided for staff during meeting/event, please submit venue set-up form before 2:00 p.m. of the last working day.

Event support services

Event support services are provided free of charge to the University community. Resources available for loan for event set-up which include tables, chairs and stages, etc. which are however limited number in quantity, and hence venue set-up form should be submitted well in advance for a planned event (typically 7-14 working days prior). 

Please also allow adequate time for set-up/clean up before/after the event when reserving venue.

Requestors are recommended to contact CDMO and make sure the requirements and layout, etc. can be accommodated prior to finalizing and scheduling an event to ensure event is well coordinated in advance and will proceed smoothly.