Green Activities and Campaigns

The University continues to implement an array of green practices/educational initiatives with an aim to engage more staff members and students in supporting green on campus/in their daily lives:

a. Signed up for the World Wide Fund for Nature’s “Earth Hour” and joined Green Sense’s “No Air Con Night” respectively;

b. Launched “HSUHK Quarterly Hour” to minimise unnecessary energy consumption;

c. Participated in “Energy Saving Charter / 4Ts” by Environment Bureau and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to pledge for saving energy practices;

d. Joined “Green Event Pledge” by Environmental Protection Department to minimise waste generated during large events;

e. Participated in “Paper Saving Campaign” organised by World Green Organisation;

f. Phased out the sales of <1 litre plastic bottled drinks on campus;

g. Fostering conservation of natural resources and sustainable agriculture by launching organic farm lease to staff and students for planting on the rooftop of Lee Shau Kee Complex (B) and applying coffee grounds as fertiliser, that was collected from on-campus catering outlets; 

h. Organised “Green Lunch Day” to promote reduction of using single-use plastics utensils;

i. Participated in “Don’t be a Big Waster” by Environmental Protection Department;

j. Launched hibernation mode for inactive public computers on campus for saving energy;

k. Organised a field visit to CLP Black Point Power Station and Zero Carbon Building for raising environmental awareness outside classroom;

l. Organised “Barter Event”, a recycling campaign for reducing wastage; 

m. Organised a talk on “Sustainable Campus – Innovation Green Building”;

n. Joined the scheme of CLP Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff to earn FiT rebate;

o. Joining the CLP’s Peak Demand Management programme to reduce electricity consumption during the highest electricity demand period so as to lower the maximum demand of the overall system; 

p. Promoting a waste-less culture in catering outlets by offering a HK$1 rebate for bringing reusable lunchbox, and a HK$1 for bringing reusable coffee mug at the cafe outlet; 

q. Launching No Straw initiative in catering outlets by not providing plastic straws unless requested by customers;

r. Supplying juice packaged with glass bottles only at all cafe outlets;

s. Encouraging to minimise food waste by offering a HK$1 rebate for “less rice” option at one of the catering outlets;  

t. Developing an e-Voting system to support onsite voting/election campaigns of student organisations for reducing paper waste; 

u. Enhancing the policy from E-preferred to E-only to commit to purchasing new or replacement collection materials for general items in the University Library; and

v. Taking part in Solar Photovoltaic System Installation Role Model Election organised by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.