Green Activities and Campaigns

The University continues to implement an array of green practices/educational initiatives with an aim to engage more staff members and students in supporting green on campus/in their daily lives:

a. Signed up for the World Wide Fund for Nature’s “Earth Hour” and joined Green Sense’s “No Air Con Night”;

b. Launched “HSUHK Quarterly Hour” to minimise unnecessary energy consumption;

c. Participated in “Energy Saving Charter / 4Ts” by Environment Bureau and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in 2018 and 2019 to pledge for saving energy practices;

d. Joined “Green Event Pledge” to minimise waste generated during large events;

e. Participated in “Paper Saving Campaign” organised by World Green Organisation;

f. Phased out the sales of <1 litre plastic bottled drinks on campus;

g. Launched the organic-farm lease to staff members and students for planting on the rooftop of Lee Shau Kee Complex (B) and used the coffee grounds collected from campus caterers as fertilizer;

h. Organised “Green Lunch Day” to promote the awareness of waste reduction;

i. Participated in “Don’t be a Big Waster” by Environmental Protection Department;

j. Launched hibernation mode for inactive public computers on campus for saving energy;

k. Organised a field visit to CLP Black Point Power Station and Zero Carbon Building for raising environmental awareness outside classroom;

l. Organised “Barter Event”, a recycling campaign for reducing wastage; and

m. Organised a talk on “Sustainable Campus – Innovation Green Building”

n. Joined the scheme of CLP Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff to earn FiT rebate