Locations of Recycling Bins

S H Ho Academic BuildingNear Glass Side Door at G/F SH Ho Academic Building Car Park Entrance
On 1/F Concourse
On 3/F Concourse
On 4/F Concourse
Lee Shau Kee ComplexBeside the Indoor Swimming Pool at Lee Shau Kee Complex
On G/F Concourse
On 1/F Concourse
Lee Quo Wei Academic Building, Yuen CampusNear Bicycle Parking besides Lee Quo Wei Academic Building Entrance, Yuen Campus
on G/F Concourse
Near 1/F of Coffee Corner
On 2/F Concourse
On 3/F Concourse
On 4/F Concourse
On 5/F Concourse
On 6/F Concourse
On 7/F Concourse
M Building, Yuen CampusOn 2/F Lift Lobby
On 6/F Lift Lobby
On 8/F Lift Lobby
On 9/F Lift Lobby
On 10/F Lift Lobby
On 11/F Lift Lobby
Lo Hui Kit San Building, Yuen CampusThe Way beside Lo Hui Kit San Building and under the College Hall, Yuen Campus
On 2/F Lift Lobby
On 3/F Lift Lobby
Near the Windows of 5/F Lift Lobby
Creative Humanities HubNear the accessible toilet on 2/F
Near the accessible toilet on 3/F
Near the accessible toilet on 4/F
Old Hallon 2/F