Welcome Message

Welcome to the Homepage of Campus Development and Management Office

The Campus Development and Management Office (CDMO) is committed to exceling in our soft, hard, maintenance and construction services to upkeep the campus and associated premises, and planning for areas with redevelopment potential to offer a conducive learning and teaching environment that curates the experience of University stakeholders.

CDMO is equally mindful of our campus users’ journey and, as such, we strive to provide:

  1. Professional service, advice, assistance and recommendations to the University community to realize HSUHK’s 5-Year Strategic Plan (2023-2028);
  2. A total and one-stop shop solution to the University and our stakeholders for delivering professional, cost effective and efficient campus development and management services;
  3. Customer centric services to the University community including students, staff and stakeholders as campus users; and
  4. A safe and sustainable campus environment that improves and evolves with University growth.

Thank you for your support and partnership!